The Singles Union's creeds

by Sylvain Poirier
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Who created the world

The world was created and is continuously maintained in its current form, by a horde of selfish hypocritical humans that only care to catch and keep all the love for themselves and have no f***ing care nor compassion for those who can't succeed to do the same.

What is heaven

Heaven is long-lasting, successful love relationship (often formalized as marriage). Basically, the creators of the world are residents of heaven, though they managed to trick non-residents into supporting and contributing to their actions. Indeed, they are our heavenly parents who conceived and created all of us in their own image, and revealed to all of us the rules of life to follow.

What is hell

There are different hells.

The first hell is the hell of teasing and persecutions by nasty mates in school;
The second hell is the hell of school work itself, as it can be very stupid, uninteresting and youth-destroying;
The third hell is the hell of a hard job, necessary to earn one's living;
The fourth hell is the eternal hell of loneliness (to have no love for many years, and to not succeed to find one).

You can note that all first three hells are particular instances of the last one: any situation where one is locked against one's will into something else than a love relationship, is a hell.

There are intermediate possible situations between heaven and hell, such as, for example, the case of married people who do not fit very well with each other and/or who often have disputes, even if they formally stay together.

What is the goal of life

On the issue of explaining the goal of life, the creators of the world split their views and teachings into roughly 3 main categories of voices and guiding forces, taking their shares of ideological domination on the world, while grounding their peaceful coexistence over their perfect mutual ignorance, despite the huge logical divergence between their respective claims:

The first voices, most dominant in arts, literature, media and recreation, actually claim the real truth, that the goal of life is to reach heaven, as described above. However, they only deal with it in terms of songs, story telling, dreams and fancies developed as a picture (rather faitful to reality) of a huge stupid game, but never in terms of any concrete help, organization or any useful action towards an effective accomplishment of this purpose.

Another category of voices, which has been overwhelmingly dominant in the past (and only recently lost some ground depending on countries), claims that the goal of life is to reach the highest morality. More precisely, they see life as a huge stupid game where victory, identified as the pinnacle of morality, humility and spirituality, consists in believing the truth. For this, calling their belief the Word of God and just deciding that they won, may suffice to satisfy them. Except for those who seem to also desperately need the rest of the world to agree with their own vision of it (as this development of their goal seems to better suit their acute sense of morality : in order to feel more genuinely selfless, they need to have something to bring to others too); but this latter need is merely an impression, since, if ever it was fulfilled, such people might lose all sense of meaningfulness in their life, as they would be in lack of another goal to run after, or another explanation of the world's troubles.

The last class of voices more recently grew as the leading voices in the world: the official voices of our institutions, with the authority to speak the most intelligent truths addressed to all people, but even more especially to be believed and followed by the most serious and intelligent young people, as a necessary condition for their intelligence to be seen credible and earn the world's respect. This voice is spread by force onto each new generation by the work of teachers. Indeed, the mission of teachers is to develop and share to their pupils the following convictions
Finally, this all aims to provide a solid conviction that life is a huge game whose ultimate purpose is to conquer the highest diplomas, in order to get from these the best life-long jobs.
And all the society, the institutions and billions of euros of public spending for the people's welfare, remain fully dedicated to assisting people in this quest, requiring their listeners to dedicate their life to it, no matter that, under careful examination (and even if we assume for a moment that it really was the purpose of life), this quest would already turn out to be a mere perfectly stupid and destructive game in itself, given the stupidity of the school and higher education systems, their objectives, their so-called "knowledge" and learning methods, their selection and evaluation methods, that are perfectly silly with little connection with real knowledge.

One might wonder why, while so many people (including all artists, and also all the most stupid people) already know the real value of the quest for love, all the herd of wise priests, intelligent teachers and administrators seemingly did not notice, but keep preaching their respective views to the candidate wisest and most serious and intelligent young people.

This is because, at first sight, the true goal of life that is the quest for love, also makes life a huge stupid game, but whose stupidity and absurdity still seems harder, more striking and obvious than those of either games of the faith in God or the quest for diplomas. Hence, serious people who, in order to feel serious, cannot ever admit or consider what a stupid game can life be, will find it more respectable to keep their other views on the goal of life. But in reality, this attempt of escape from the absurdity of life, makes life a still much more seriously and deeply absurd, huge stupid game, than it naturally was. Indeed, it makes it a game where the true conditions of victory have nothing to do with what they are officially claimed to be, so that:

What is sin

There are 2 types of sins:

What is the official morality

The creators of the world have established very convenient morality systems in order to feel well at peace in front of God and/or with their own actions. They believe that they have a good morality, that morality consists in doing to others what one wishes others to do for oneself, that this is what anybody should do and that this is what they are doing.

But, the creators of the world who reside in heaven don't need others to help them into heaven since they are already there; and they don't see the sense of doing for others, or of approving the principle of doing for others, what they don't need others to do for them. And, having found love makes them feel that they are people of love, the wisest, and so a reference of morality and wisdom to be followed, while those who did not find love must certainly be stupid or lacking in love, goodness or wisdom.

Then, those in hell feel weak and humiliated, despised by nature; and, since this cannot be described as being anyone else's fault, it all looks like it was their own fault that they do not deserve love. They are in a emergency to get out of it themselves; their doom and their intense moral suffering induces confusion and shame in their feeling, making it much harder for them to think very precisely and wisely, to trust themselves and their own judgement, to feel at peace with the world or to care about their doomed fellows. They feel compelled to listen to the teachings provided by the creators of the world from which they expect some wisdom or secret of success.
Any reluctance to listen, that anyone of them might still wish to keep, would anyway collapse under shame in the face of the kindness of the latter who will consider as their duty to very carefully try to help losers by kindly advising them by sharing their natural wisdom (views on life an morality), which is the most obvious thing they can try.

Here are some official morality principles that the creators of the world have adopted as they witnessed from experience these principles to be the most successful guidelines for finding peace and serenity in their heart and conscience:

Here are the official sins, that are considered wrong and that people should never commit, as these would cause risk and troubles to their reputation, their heart and their conscience.

This morality system is moreover completed by the following rules:

Indeed, these sins are deeply related, as
However, the creators of the world usually would not find it good to explain in such ways the observed correlation between sins (to see psychological discomfort, anger, resentment and active searches as unfortunate effects of the accidental circumstance of not having found love). Instead, they see it much more spiritual to explain the correlation by the inverse causality, considering complaints and active searches as a cause of not finding, so that the burden of remaining single must be a legitimately deserved natural punishment for the sins of unhappiness, complaints and active searches, therefore justifying the (dis)order of the world and fate in any circumstance.

This is why, when they see a desperate single trying to actively search for love, they will usually come to kindly advise him, for optimizing his chances (both to first feel better and then to find love), to understand that all what he really needs is to shut up, just forget about the problem, think about and do something else (either just stay alone at home, or maybe force himself to go out to popular places of activities that do not suit him, as if it were the right place to find someone with common understanding), and everything will be well; keeping faith that, in this way (and only in this way), as soon as it will be the best time for him in God's eyes (he will be "ready" and best partner), his perfect match will directly materialize into his bed out of thin air.

What are the real sins

There is no exact rule that determines who will go to heaven or hell: this is ultimately a law of chance and the jungle, that the creators of the world are maintaining as an ultimate judge for the fate of people. But this law of the jungle is influenced by a range of different factors. So, the real sins are the acts or circumstances that increase the risk of falling into hell.

Here are the unforgivable sins for which the creators of the world will let you more likely fall into hell at your own fault, without any possible mercy nor anyone to be sorry for you, disregarding any movement of repentance or supplications you may have.

To the hell of teasing and persecutions by nasty mates in school, you may fall for:

To the hell of hard lengthy stupid school work, you may fall for:

To the eternal hell of loneliness, you may fall for

What is Redemption

Redemption would be the act of providing to sinners a way through to heaven, beyond the direct method of being oneself a partner of such people (a method which would be nice but cannot produce any huge collective result, as a single person cannot easily save in this way more than one other person - or maybe 2, you see how?).

Redemption has hardly ever been practiced yet, except possibly for the benefit of just one or a few other people at a time. There are diverse causes of this fact.
The first cause is that, obviously, a redeemer would not get himself any benefit of his action. At least not during his earthly life. People usually focus on their own well-being, and would not so easily care for the well-being of others who are not their close relatives, without any possible return. Then, everybody is influenced by the above official morality rules.

But, while we might understand that materialists (people believing there is no afterlife) have indeed no interest to redeem other people, it could have been expected that the afterlife believers would see a value in redeeming other people, through their hope to taste in the afterlife the consequences of their present actions.
In order to prevent this, the creators of the world have provided a special subliminal teaching to the afterlife believers, of the following doctrine:

This teaching to the afterlife believers has been quite popular, which is why hardly anyone ever tried to be a Redeemer until now.

(*) because choosing B instead of A might not only save B but also A's next possible match

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