The Singles Union's creeds (excepts)

Who created the world
The world was created and is continuously maintained in its current form, by a horde of selfish hypocritical humans that only care to catch and keep all the love for themselves and have no care nor compassion for those who can't succeed to do the same.

What is heaven. Heaven is long-lasting, successful love relationship (often formalized as marriage). The creators of the world are residents of heaven who conceived and created all of us in their own image, and revealed us the rules of life to follow.

What is the goal of life
Artists say the truth (that the goal of life is to reach heaven) but only in terms of dreams and fancies, never of concrete help.
For others, the goal of life is to reach the highest morality: they see life as a huge stupid game where victory, identified as the pinnacle of morality, humility and spirituality, consists in believing the truth. For this, calling their belief the Word of God and deciding that they won, may suffice to satisfy them, unless they also desperately need the rest of the world to agree with them.
Finally, teachers, claiming to speak the most intelligent truths, develop and share to their pupils the following convictions

This would make life a huge game whose goal is to grasp the highest diplomas, but that would be perfectly stupid and destructive, given the stupidity of education systems far away from any meaningful knowledge. But all the herd of wise priests and intelligent teachers find it more respectable to keep their views, because the quest for love also makes life a huge stupid game, but whose absurdity seems bigger and more obvious... But trying to hide the absurdity of life makes it deeply more absurd than it needed to be, so that many of the best players are about to lose anyway, beaten by many of the worst...

What is sin. There are 2 types of sins:
The official sins, that the creators of the world officially condemn / The real sins, for which they will send you to hell.

Here are the official sins, that would cause troubles to your reputation, heart and conscience:
The sin of being actively searching for love ; The sin of not having found it yet ; the sin of being generally unhappy and complaining ; the sin of daring to speak about sex or about one's situation or suffering of lack of love.

What is the official morality
Here are some official morality principles, that the the creators of the world, careful to do for others what they wish others to do for them, witnessed to be successful guidelines for finding peace and serenity in their heart and conscience:

What are the real sins. Here are unforgivable sins for which the creators of the world will let you more likely fall into hell at your own fault, without any possible mercy nor anyone to be sorry for you, no matter your repentance or supplications.
To the hell of teasing and persecutions by nasty mates in school, you may fall for the sin of being intelligent, and of having good marks at school. To the hell of hard lengthy stupid school work, you may fall for the sin of being fond of science, or the sin of having serious parents caring for the professional future of their children. Falling to the eternal hell of loneliness, may result from many possible sins, such as the sin of shyness, or the sin of having fallen into one or more of the previous hells (while all your possible matches you will have a chance to meet later were being grabbed by others).

Redemption it the act of helping sinners into heaven...but the creators of the world got a trick to discourage such initiatives...

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