Singles Union

Singles of the world, unite !

The aim of this website is to collect information, opinions and initiatives to promote the rights of singles at a collective level, especially their right to find love.

In the world, many businesses have been set up that pretend to help singles to find love. However, their services are far below the efficiency that could be done at the price they request. In fact, it would be possible to develop much more efficient collective methods at no cost or nearly.

To be fair, singles should not be treated as they are now as a sort of private property exploited by any businesses that sell the connection to other singles. Singles should be free and the collective solutions should work for free, self-managed by singles.

Two kinds of solutions can be considered:

- Online dating systems, but these should be free, open, not the property of anybody. Ideally, there should be only one global network of dating ads with the most efficient methods implemented.
- Real-world collective appointments. The point is to publicly advertise an initiative of time and place so that many singles can gather there. The place should be public, a park, a beach or anywhere, with no entry ticket. Or, of course, some big halls or the like if the weather is bad.

Diverse thoughts

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(More contents and a forum will be added later...)

Famous singles

Galois, famous French genuis in mathematics who had troubles with the institutions and died in duel because of a love affair.
Elliot Rodger, shy and intelligent young man who killed 6 people and wounded more before committing suicide because he felt awful injustice by his bad luck in love.

Regional information

International appointments should take account of transport and visa questions: if possible, we should try making them in countries where many people could come at a cheap cost and without visas.
For example, Europeans can all meet together in any European countries without visas, but far east Europeans (Ukrainians, Russians, Georgians...) would need a visa to come to Europe, and this is costly and not easy. Possible countries where both Europeans and Russians can come without visa are (if no mistake) : Ukraine - Turkey - Bulgaria.
Georgia is also quite open for people from Europe and many other neighbouring countries to come without a visa, except Russians. Anyway, transport between Russia and Georgia is practically impossible.
I also visited Philippines, which seemed attractive in a way (English speaking...) but I won't go back: too much swindles, lack of honesty and false advertising there.

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