"Why I am for economic hyperultraliberalism"

(translated from a forum message in French by an unknown author.)

Economic hyperultraliberalism is a radical doctrine that consists in not practicing any redistribution of wealth. Thus, the rich will not pay one cent to the poor.

The advantage of this system is that it provides a proper alternative to sexual hyperultraliberalism. Indeed, nowadays, the rich in love should not give any affection to the poor in love. So why a guy who is financially rich but emotionally poor should pay for a guy who is financially poor but emotionally rich?

This is the famous syndrome of social parasitism. That is to say, with the welfare state, there are the generous (the rich) and the profiteers (the poor).

You will tell me that if you are rich, then you can generally find more easily affection. That is true but not necessarily the case. And when I say rich, I also mean the unmarried of working middle-class (the "France that rises early") and by its taxes finances the small fuckers such as intermittents of spectacle or finance the poor who are in couple.

In short, it is clear that in order to restore justice, one must either turn to a moral system that guarantees the distribution of a sexual-emotional partner to all, or switch to hyperultraliberalism.

To be simple:
When all little fuckers and other parasites will be begging, all women they currently monopolize will find again charms in guys with a stable job.

A century ago, girls dreamed to marry guys with a stable job for the material security he provided.

Thanks to the welfare state, a woman can live of diverse social moneys (large family, divorce etc) and be fucked by parasites. Likewise, parasites can attract young girls as they are not begging in the street.

So I say: long life to Sarkozy, long life to hyperultraliberalism and death to parasites.

Morality will triumph.

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