Testimonies of singles and other people without the love they need

A single mother

"I have checked your website and just wanted to share some of my personal views with you. I especially liked the "Debunking..." section... the starvation analogy made me cry. Yes you are so right. I know what you are talking about. (I was married for 8 years to a homosexual man who only used me to cover up, and i was starved completely - physically as well as emotionally - even though i was not "single" per se at that time, but i perfectly know what you are talking about.)
I have now been a single mother for almost 3 years, and i feel that this is another completely unbearable state of this world: that so many men should abandon their wives and children, but only few should accept to marry a woman who has kids already. Being single is bad. Being a single mom is much, much worse, please believe me! Women are not made to raise children alone. And it seems that we single moms are given even less right to complain. I get to hear so many seemingly benign comments from people... Is it wrong of me to want a partner, a husband, for Gods sake! The "husband" i had slept with me just about 20 times over 8 years, and it was the most miserable sex i ever had - and they ask me to be happy and contented with the life i have now, and to concentrate on other things than finding love?"

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