Singles Union's mission

by Sylvain Poirier

The missions of the Singles Union are to:

These objective necessarily go together. Indeed:

To be successful in any dating attemps, a network must be widely popular, and offer many dating opportunities to its participants.

People can join and be available for dating, only if they stop wasting their youth in educational institutions.

The uselessness of these institutions become clearer if we understand that the emphasized reproduction of the most intelligent people is a much cheaper, more lovely, natural and efficient way in the long term, to improve the skills level of the population, than to waste one's youth following such a poorly designed curriculum as exists in the present world; those who want to learn can freely do it themselves at home by internet, in a way more adapted to their needs. Now if education is so hard and youth-consuming, it is precisely in part because the most clever people had been previously obliged to follow long painful studies, which were not adapted to them (as the first half of that was made of trivial things designed for the less clever), and thus reproduce less than the less clever ones.

Also, the development of a dating network most efficient to help people find their best love, requires a work of research and invention for which intelligent people may be particularly helpful. Without intelligence, the loneliness problem might remain unsolved.

Of course, love is better with nicer people, and a larger proportion of them makes the world better.

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